Business Debt Relief

Discover how to manage your business debt and stop the bleeding, stress and anxiety – within 24 hours.

Prevent having to sign away all your personal property to get business debt loans, or even worse, having to declare bankruptcy.

Are you asking yourself, “How do I save my business?”.  Is your company cash starved and dealing with angry creditors? Are collectors and attorneys demanding immediate payment and you don’t know what to do about it?

Do you awake with a jolt at three o’clock in the morning, wondering where to turn?

If so, you are not alone.

Many good businesses owners fall into this trap. Are you becoming sidetracked due to the obvious need for business debt relief?  Possibly demoralized because you don’t know where to turn?  Or how to manage or pay for a business turnaround?

Do you feel like you belong to the Entrepreneur’s Club of Fear? You realize, only too well, that cash flow is your company’s lifeblood. But you also know that, when it starts drying up and your credit has run out:

  • You have to juggle to make payroll
  • You and your staff start hiding from creditors, collectors and attorneys
  • Lawsuits are threatened and filed and eventually, your business dies.

If you give up, your firm disappears. So does your income. Your family is devastated. You don’t get government handouts. Employees are shattered. Creditors get hurt. Everyone loses. Except those in the bankruptcy fraternity.

This doesn’t have to happen to you.

Success in business takes skill and tenacity beyond anything that non-entrepreneurs can comprehend. According to the US Small Business Administration, your chances of staying in business for more than five years are quite slim.

Dun and Bradstreet and The Kauffman Foundation come to similar conclusions. You have to get it right, otherwise you’re not going to last. There are lots of fancy reasons given for this. But in the final analysis, your business just runs out of cash.

You are then faced with the questions, “What can I do to get out of this situation?  Are there specific steps I can take?  How can I best seek help to save my business?”

There are few people on this earth as lonely as a struggling business owner.  But in fact, a proven, well-tested process is available to you to maintain cash flow and handle onerous business debt while honoring creditors and their needs. It starts with taking stock, then cutting deals with creditors and their collectors and attorneys to arrange for business debt relief.  You just have to listen to the stories of successful business people who have done this and survived.

You have to examine the motives of those who advise you to pile on business debt consolidation loans. Do they really want to help you to save your business, or to earn commissions, just so that you can survive another few months? Additional secured liabilities can worsen the situation. In fact, they can be the final straw, forcing you to declare business bankruptcy.

Our specialty is to reduce and restructure all of a company’s debt and to get it to the point where its Dun and Bradstreet credit rating has recovered. The goal is to get business debt relief for your company, while providing valued suppliers with your ongoing lifetime customer value.  This had been in jeopardy when your firm had started to go through a tough time.

In essence, our passion is to share and implement our battle scarred knowledge, to do what it takes to get you back on track. The aim, after the business debt relief process is complete, is for your firm to emerge much stronger and more resilient than before.

Once we get started, we first have to understand your situation and listen to your goals.  We then have to immediately communicate clearly and effectively with creditors and their agents.

So often, the first thing we hear from creditors and their collectors and attorneys is, “Thank goodness we have someone to speak to. Nobody was answering our calls.” But of course, it’s difficult to tell your suppliers that you don’t have money to pay them. And anyway, it would take a big chunk of your precious time to do so, when you need to spend it to actually make money.

Your business’s creditors have legitimate concerns. After all, you’ve got your hands on their capital, which they entrusted to you for good keeping. You can’t simply call them, to tell thaem that, “I have to save my business.”  You have to communicate with them, preferably in writing, details of your situation in a way which addresses their needs.  Your situation caused the problem, but their needs are paramount.

You have to be able to let them know about your own difficult situation if they are to understand where you are coming from. Otherwise, they may think you’re being dishonest – and will act accordingly.

In fact, if you were to file for Chapter 7 business bankruptcy or, as more commonly happens, simply close your doors and walk away, creditors would lose out in four significant ways. They need to understand that they are in danger of:

  • losing the full value of the goods and services that they provided to your firm
  • losing out on the prospect of your company’s lifetime customer value as a future, paying customer.
  • feeling cheated that you went out of business without settling your account, possibly not telling them beforehand, and
  • feeling regretful that they were not given the opportunity to provide business debt relief, by accepting a settlement to at least cover part of their costs.

We deal with creditor needs honorably and ethically by:

  • incorporating clear communications and attention to detail
  • encouraging everyone to be flexible
  • providing creditors with a lot more than they would receive in a business bankruptcy.
  • keeping you in business, so that you can recoup and provide lifetime customer value to these same creditors.

Our focus on business debt management has helped many hundreds of companies across the U.S. to keep their doors open and thrive. In the process, this has saved jobs, families and business relationships. It is extremely satisfying to be able to help other good companies in this way. Especially as it provides the sort of business debt relief that my first enterprise desperately needed.

We work with company owners and managers who urgently need cash flow. They have to slash costs and find smart revenue-generating solutions. And need to pay professionals solely for the measurable results they can produce to get their companies back on track.

In other words, they want people who totally understand their situation and give real value.  They need a business turnaround without having the firm that helps them to take over their bank account.  And they want to pay for results, to come up with real business debt relief solutions.   In other words, services that truly pay for themselves.

We developed a practical process to help businesses prevail when creditors threaten, cajole and file suit. We engineer a cease-fire with your creditors and their agents to buy you precious time to help you regroup.  We arrange for business debt relief to meet the needs of both sides. And we will help your firm to build a solid revenue stream, if invited, once the emergency has passed.

We help failing businesses to survive…
…and surviving businesses to excel.

You first need the bleeding to stop. You want to delay payment demands to give you time to regroup.

Your firm needs a no-hassle period so you can put together a plan of action. You have to protect your business and personal assets. You want them “bulletproofed” against seizure from court judgments. And you have to resolve outstanding law suits as inexpensively as possible.

Creditors know – and if they don’t, we’ll inform them of your specifics – that few will benefit if your business files for bankruptcy, or simply closes its doors. And a Chapter 11 workout can cost over $50,000.00, up front, just to get started.  A ngegotiated business debt workout, otherwise known as business debt relief, makes better sense in most cases.

It’s a slap in a creditor’s face to give their money to a Chapter 11 bankruptcy lawyer, when it could be used to settle their debt at cents on the dollar. An attorney would become your biggest creditor. A trustee would watch over your shoulder. Friends and business associates would read about the bankruptcy in the newspaper. You’d become mired in paperwork.

And after your remaining assets have been ransacked and plundered by professionals, chances are that you will still lose your business. Most Chapter 11 workouts end up as Chapter 7 liquidations, anyway. So it can be doubly offensive to creditors.

We are geared to help your firm hurdle the multitude of barriers that so often seem insurmountable when cash flow is ebbing away.  Knowledge is power.  And we have developed reliable and predictable strategies to arrange for business debt relief and to arrange for a successful business turnaround.

Are you a good fit for our services?

Our small to medium-sized business clients are located throughout the United States. We do business by overnight express, fax, email and telephone. We generally handle all of a business’s past-due liabilities in order to conduct a complete debt ‘workout.’ Depending on the circumstances, we can also handle individual business debt assignments as low as $8,000.

Company owners and managers come to us looking for help when:

  • The question is, “How do I save my business?”
  • The debt load is unmanageable and they are looking for ways in which to achieve business debt relief.
  • Constant time-consuming collection calls interrupt business and alert employees to business troubles.
  • Stress from dealing with constant negativity is unbearable and affecting revenues.
  • Cash is bleeding out of the company. Creditors routinely ask for regular monthly payments when they have not been paid in full. But there is not enough income to satisfy every account in this way.
  • Monthly carrying costs on secured loans and equipment leases are unmanageable.
  • The bank loans officer threatens to call the loan.
  • The building lease is too high
  • Court judgments – real or potential – threaten personal and business assets.
  • Revenues are too low to service the debt and provide cash needed to recover.
  • A delay in all but the most crucial ‘must-pay’ accounts for several months would give the business the chance it needs to take steps to survive and recover.

We respond by:

  • Taking time to understand the underlying issues.  These will have convinced you of the need for a business turnaround.
  • Arranging for a cease-fire with all creditors and their agents on your firm’s behalf. This gives you breathing space to plan your firm’s turnaround.
  • Keeping payments to a minimum – only for absolutely necessary goods and services to keep your firm alive.
  • Getting you months of payment respite to give you the opportunity to refocus your business and build up a fund for business debt relief payments, or long-term payment plans, with all unsecured creditors.
  • Handling all debt collection calls and correspondence. Your business problems are kept private and away from the ears of employees.
  • Freeing up your time to concentrate on the positive task of the business turnaround, to ramp up revenues.
  • Stopping the bleeding. Cash no longer drains out for unnecessary purposes. It stays in your bank account, to build your war chest of funds needed later for business debt settlement.
  • Negotiating revised terms on loans and equipment leases to meet budgetary needs.
  • Working with your bank to help get your business back on track.
  • Working with your landlord to make revised payment arrangements
  • Bulletproofing’ your business assets to protect them from attachment, as circumstances permit.
  • Helping you to jump start revenues and take your business to the next level.

How We Work

We discuss your needs by telephone after you submit the basic information that we request.

You can assign us any number of past-due and otherwise problem accounts for business debt relief.  Each of us signs a simple Retainer and Agency Agreement to acknowledge this working relationship. A small retainer is required per assigned account, which is credited to each settlement made.

If accounts are not to be immediately settled, but a longer time period is required to build up settlement funds and engineer a business turnaround, a monthly fee per account is charged. This covers the administrative costs of communicating with

  • creditors and keeping them informed, and
  • with you, to report the progress and outcome of creditor discussions.

The retainer represents your commitment to us, to get the job done for you. It also cements our mutual relationship and partnership in this endeavor and pledges each party to the business turnaround process. The retainer on any particular account is refunded if the planned results are not met.

We jointly establish the relative risk posed by each specific debt. If required by you and your situation, we may take steps to “bulletproof” your company’s assets. In this case, we can work in conjunction with your own legal counsel or with one that we assign. This protection has the added advantage of giving you leverage when dealing with creditors and their agents.

We discuss and agree upon business debt relief settlement targets, based on your company’s needs and capacity and the priority given to each account.

We handle all correspondence and telephone calls on your company’s behalf. This provides a tremendous benefit to many of our clients. We may arrange to communicate with your bank loans officer and landlord, if applicable and necessary.

If the entire debt structure is to be worked out, we assemble a Payables Analysis Worksheet, listing the relative magnitude of each debt. This ranks each by its relative importance and need for timely resolution. Accounts involving personal guarantees are highlighted for special business debt relief attention. Also identified are those of crucial importance for continuing supplies and services.

The goal is to meet your company’s needs and budget by settling each account for a substantial savings, or at a low and manageable monthly payout. The entire process ends when your company’s debt load is under control. In other words, where it no longer threatens to put your firm out of business or leave your creditors unpaid.

We understand that you want to protect your firm while respectfully dealing with creditors’ needs. We ensure that no assigned account goes unsettled. After payment plans are set up – if this is an option that you specify, or later agree to – we remain your representative to handle any glitches that may occur until the final payment is made. This maintains good communications and provides both you and your creditor with the respect that each party deserves.

We receive payment only for planned results. These fees are assessed as a small percentage of savings, or for long-term payment restructuring, or for a combination of both. Fees may also be payable for other services, if requested, such as resolving banker or landlord issues, or protecting assets, or for arranging a payment hiatus.

In providing these services we save your firm a great deal of time and hassle. And we produce creditor settlements that meet your business turnaround budget.

Your unsecured creditors will receive much more by cooperating in this way. The alternative, were you to be forced out of business, would help no-one. And the emphasis on effective and honest communication sets the scene for continued goodwill between your company and its suppliers.

Our Iron-Clad Guarantee:

  • You and your staff will experience much less hassle in dealing with creditors, so that you have the time and peace of mind to run your business more effectively, and that
  • the amount you pay our firm, plus the debt settlement payments you make to creditors, will be less than that currently owed on the assigned debts, and that
  • you will have personal access to your assigned debt management professional at any time during the business day and you will not have to deal with an impersonal or disinterested employee, and
  • all key communications with your creditors and their agents will be in writing and you will have access to copies of all correspondence at all times, and
  • we are absolutely discreet and confidential in the way in which we protect your privacy.


Your won’t have to hide from the telephone or lose sleep from pain, worry and frustration.  Your receptionist will become less frazzled.  Your business debt commitments will be brought into line with your revenues. This business debt relief will stop the bleeding and stabilize your cash flow.

We work exclusively with good small to medium-sized corporations and LLC’s. We get them out of debt and back on track. Our initial goal is for client companies to survive.  But it’s not just that.  We are passionate about creating a hgely successful business turnaround outcome that results in your company becoming the unencumbered money machine that you always meant it to be.

The answer to your “How do I save my business” question will prove to have been easier than you would have expected.

Your battle scarred credentials will prove to your family, friends, colleagues and suppliers that you can productively manage your way through tough times.  In the process, you will have honored your creditors by giving them the value of your business for many years to come.  And what could be better that that?

Many business people fail to act soon enough. The longer you wait the more limited your options become. If you fully recognize that you need help, now is the time to take the vital first steps towards getting your company back on track. Nobody else is going to do it but you. Don’t be a statistic. It’s your business and your money to lose. Others are depending on you to do the right thing.

We’ve been in your shoes and want to be able to help you.

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