Business Debt Collection Rights

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Troubled small to medium-sized companies increasingly face the reality of having to deal with business debt collectors.  These people fulfill an important function for creditors.  But as in any other area of human endeavor, there is the good and the bad.  Unfortunately, a few seem to think that they can get results by being abusive and obnoxious.   What exactly are your business debt collection rights? What can and cannot business […]

A better way to collect your B to B receivables.

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Your business can get into trouble fast if it cannot collect its receivables.  If you sell to other businesses, (“B to B”) , you can be particularly hard hit when a big customer goes south and takes your hard-won capital with it. The standard tack is to assign late payables to a collector.  If so, you have to be careful.  Debtor firms come in all stripes.  You don’t […]