How To Deal With A Business Debt Collector

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The current recession has led to inadequate sales and out-of-control debt for many small to medium-sized businesses. Federal government statistics indicate that, in 2010 alone, delinquency rates on commercial and business loans jumped over 100%.  Business collectors are hurting, too.  Business debts assigned to them were significantly lower in 2011 than from the previous year.  Companies have literally been dropping […]

Emotion is an Enemy of Business Debt Settlement

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The collector called to tell me just how much he thought of our business debt settlement proposal.  “We’re insulted”, he spat.  Here we go again, I thought. Business collectors deal with debt as their bread and butter.  They have to be objective and know something about the company being hounded.  And they should take time […]

Give Debt Collector Adversaries a Good Reputation to Live Up To.

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The suggestion that we give adversaries a good reputation to live up to was made famous by the great Dale Carnegie.  It was incorporated into his course content.  And I try to live by this rule myself – tough that it can be.  There can be real benefits in doing so. This is especially so in dealings with client’s creditors and their […]

Ongoing Problems with Collectors

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The collection industry continues to get hammered by complaints to state agencies.  West Virginia’s attorney general, Darrell McGraw, announced yesterday that his office has reached a $75,000 settlement with a debt collection agency.  Small potatoes in the overall scheme of thigs.  But the unlawful practices mirrored those which I encountered last year. I was being called at home by […]