Business Debt Collection Rights

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Troubled small to medium-sized companies increasingly face the reality of having to deal with business debt collectors.  These people fulfill an important function for creditors.  But as in any other area of human endeavor, there is the good and the bad.  Unfortunately, a few seem to think that they can get results by being abusive and obnoxious.   What exactly are your business debt collection rights? What can and cannot business […]

Save my Business – When I Get Around to Ask for Help

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It goes without saying that this has been a tough year for many businesses.  Small to medium-sized companies that need help to recover are our bread and butter.  But the media’s emphasis on bad news has affected the mindsets of many business people, who sometimes forget that others are thriving in this economy. The frustration for us and others in our business turnaround specialty is that this […]

The Best Time of Year to arrange a Business Debt Settlement?

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As we approach the year-end, this can be the best time for your company to work out a business debt settlement.  No firm likes to carry delinquent receivables into the New Year, especially when it coincides with the accounting year-end. It’s an established fact that the longer a company has to wait for a B-to-B receivable, the […]

Struggling to Stay Afloat, but want to Pay All your Business’s Creditors in Full?

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I was speaking with an entrepreneur this week who is struggling to stay afloat, but wants to pay all his business creditors in full.  It’s an admirable goal, given his situation.  But it’s wishful thinking. If he holds this course, without being able to immediately boost his declining top line, he’s likely to go down like the Titanic.  And that’s […]

Put your Business Debt Settlement Offer in Writing

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A common mistake made by business people, when attempting to settle business debt, is that they don’t put the offer in writing.  There are so many good reasons for doing so. You have to set the scene and tell an honest, effective story.  You know that there’s  a reason why you just cannot pay the […]

The Importance of Attitude

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Some of the business people I meet up with are paralyzed by fear.  Like deer trapped in the headlights, they just don’t know where to turn.  They’ve lost the positive attitute that they had when starting out.  I was reminded of that last night, when watching a great new TV series, “Turnaround King”, on the […]

Give Debt Collector Adversaries a Good Reputation to Live Up To.

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The suggestion that we give adversaries a good reputation to live up to was made famous by the great Dale Carnegie.  It was incorporated into his course content.  And I try to live by this rule myself – tough that it can be.  There can be real benefits in doing so. This is especially so in dealings with client’s creditors and their […]

Does a Business Debt Relief Strategy make sense for Your company?

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If your gut tells you that you need business debt relief to survive, you can’t hide from other realities.  You likely need to take massive immediate action to stem the flow of cash and protect your company.  If not, others can be expected to take the initiative to plunder your assets and close you down. […]

My Mentor and Friend – Judge Robert C. O’Hara

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I met Bob sixteen years ago, at a conference in California.  Improbably so, because we only lived a few miles apart, here in Delaware.  I liked him immediately and we became fast friends. He helped me start this business debt relief and turnaround management consultancy a short time later.  Bob was an expert mediator and arbitrator and has […]

Ongoing Problems with Collectors

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The collection industry continues to get hammered by complaints to state agencies.  West Virginia’s attorney general, Darrell McGraw, announced yesterday that his office has reached a $75,000 settlement with a debt collection agency.  Small potatoes in the overall scheme of thigs.  But the unlawful practices mirrored those which I encountered last year. I was being called at home by […]

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