What One Thing can make the Biggest Difference to your Struggling Business?

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What is the one thing that makes a difference to any struggling business?  That question was posed to me last week, by the author of a book-in-progress on small business management. The answer is clear, when you work with troubled companies.  Of course, some make it and others don’t.  The chances for success are pretty slim.  Ninty-five percent don’t make it […]

Save my Business – When I Get Around to Ask for Help

December 31, 2011 by  
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It goes without saying that this has been a tough year for many businesses.  Small to medium-sized companies that need help to recover are our bread and butter.  But the media’s emphasis on bad news has affected the mindsets of many business people, who sometimes forget that others are thriving in this economy. The frustration for us and others in our business turnaround specialty is that this […]

Your Company’s Greatest Asset

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I was reminded yesterday, when visiting the annual Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show, that artists and crafts people are seldom aware of their greatest asset.  Given their ability to produce outstanding original work, it then has to be sold.  And that great asset is a customer list, which makes subsequent sales so much easier.  I say this because I had […]

The Best Time of Year to arrange a Business Debt Settlement?

November 10, 2011 by  
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As we approach the year-end, this can be the best time for your company to work out a business debt settlement.  No firm likes to carry delinquent receivables into the New Year, especially when it coincides with the accounting year-end. It’s an established fact that the longer a company has to wait for a B-to-B receivable, the […]

Struggling to Stay Afloat, but want to Pay All your Business’s Creditors in Full?

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I was speaking with an entrepreneur this week who is struggling to stay afloat, but wants to pay all his business creditors in full.  It’s an admirable goal, given his situation.  But it’s wishful thinking. If he holds this course, without being able to immediately boost his declining top line, he’s likely to go down like the Titanic.  And that’s […]

Should you let your Business Default?

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There’s justifiable anxiety about the possibility of the US government defaulting in obligations to its creditors.  This was brought to a head with the initial inability to agree on the terms needed to raise the national debt ceiling, followed by Standard & Poor’s decision to downgrade the country’s credit rating. This situation affects all of […]

The Importance of Attitude

June 20, 2011 by  
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Some of the business people I meet up with are paralyzed by fear.  Like deer trapped in the headlights, they just don’t know where to turn.  They’ve lost the positive attitute that they had when starting out.  I was reminded of that last night, when watching a great new TV series, “Turnaround King”, on the […]

Ask for Business Turnaround help Before it’s Too Late.

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Our local printer, just a few hundred yards away, has been great to work with since we started out in business.  It’s been a good sixteen years. Our scanner is down, (again – what’s wrong with this thing?), and I walked in this morning, thumb drive in hand, to get some documents scanned.  If truth […]

How does your Staff talk to your Customers?

March 23, 2011 by  
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A garden supply store in our area recently went out of business.  It was a sad story.  The company had been around for decades, but the aging owner became suddenly and seriously ill.  He was incapacitated for four months.  In that time the debt-ridden business went to Hell in a handbasket.  Vendors started crying foul.  Lawsuits were flying and the place went completely out of control. This […]

The Best Way to Collect from late-paying Business Debtors

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As business turnaround specialists, we do everything in our power to help our clients’ businesses to survive and thrive.  Much of this starts with a strategy to work out deals with creditors and their collectors and attorneys.  But, other than this, the most important component is to take steps to increase revenues. It can be very […]

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